March 23, 2021

Don't Push Me with D.A. Bourne

Don't Push Me with D.A. Bourne

Audra Russell speaks with Christian fiction author D.A. Bourne.

D.A. Bourne is the author of The Phat Five series and DON'T PUSH ME. His goal as a writer is to bring integrity and faith through urban fiction. 

D.A's latest release, DON'T PUSH ME, was inspired by the social justice movement of 2020. It was a Sunday following the George Floyd tragedy that he was listening to a sermon series at his home church called "Silent No More". It had such a spiritual impact on D.A. that he stopped writing Book 4 of The Phat Five series and immediately began to write a story about a group of autoworkers that deal with racial conflict. 

D.A currently lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife, four children, and a cast of characters that stay awake in his mind 24/7!

D.A. and I talk about his thought-provoking new novel, Don't Push Me, and have a heartfelt discussion about race relations. 

This episode is sure to make you think, so sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and lend me your ear. 

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