Aug. 3, 2021

everyman with M Shelly Conner

everyman with M Shelly Conner
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Audra Russell chats with author M Shelly Conner.

Chicago native M Shelly Conner spent her summers bouncing between her grandmother in Memphis and relatives in Los Angeles, reveling in the sprawl of the Great Migration. She received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. A multigenre writer, she is the creator of the Quare Life web series and has published essays on dapper queer aesthetics, Black womanhood, self-sustainable living, and their intersections in various publications, including the A.V. Club, theGrio, Playboy magazine, and Crisis magazine. An excerpt of her debut novel, everyman, appears in Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora. Conner is assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Central Arkansas and lives in Arkansas with her wife and their dog, Whiskey. Learn more at

We take a deep dive into her beautifully layered debut novel, everyman, and have an enlightening conversation about family lineage, love, and personal growth.  

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

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