Feb. 27, 2023

February Rants and Rambles: Annoyingly Joyful

In this edition of Rants and Rambles, Chelsea and I dive into the things that bring us joy and drive us absolutely crazy. It gets pretty hilarious as we talk about needing bail money, who’s gonna get out of jail first, and the fact that one of us can’t fit in the tub. Whether it's a failed attempt at self-care or an unexpected hiccup in our daily routine, we learn to roll with the punches and find humor in every situation. So join us for a wild ride of laughter and maybe even a little bathtub envy.

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Chelsea Lockhart


C. M. Lockhart (also known as Chelsea) is a Black writer of fantasy because she loves creating worlds, exploring relationships, and writing stories about Black girls who aren't all that nice. She is the founder of Written in Melanin LLC — which encompasses the Melanin Chat, a weekly podcast, and a YouTube channel of the same name — and the Melanin Library, an online database of books written by Black authors.

She is also a lover of video games and anime, so whenever she isn't reading and writing — or talking about reading and writing — she's watching anime, playing her Switch, and dreaming about the day her books get animated.