Feb. 21, 2023

Second Act with Cheri Syphax

Are you underestimating your worth? Are you making yourself small to fit a life -- or people -- that no longer serve you? Today I'm speaking with Cheri Syphax about her book, Second Act. We talk about the things and people she had to let go of and how that made room for the right career-- AND MAN-- to walk into her life. It's all about loving yourself always and in ALL WAYS!
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Cheri SyphaxProfile Photo

Cheri Syphax


Cheri is the witty, sassy host of the Leader and Lover Podcast, and Author of the memoir “Second Act”, launching February 21st. Second Act is an honest telling of challenges, triumphs, wins, losses, but mostly lessons learned that helped her heal and grow. She is an agent for change and has created a platform, Just The Phax to showcase the magic of Black women and Black love. Her positive words empower and motivate others.

Cheri’s journey has led her to attracting and marrying her husband Tracey, propelling them both further into purpose. Their incredible love story is featured in publications such as The Black Bride, The Philadelphia Magazine, The New York Times, Essence and The O Magazine. These spotlights inspired Cheri & Tracey to create a joint platform, Just The Phax, where they equip singles with the tools to help them get out of their own way, and begin attracting the partner they desire.