Aug. 17, 2021

Sword Nation Saga with Author A.J. Ross

Sword Nation Saga with Author A.J. Ross

Audra Russell speaks with author A.J. Ross.

A.J. Ross is a Detroit-born and bred English teacher turned author. Writing since childhood, Ross thrived on the idea of creating her own worlds beyond the confines of the society she was born into. That desire led her to the world of Science-fiction, Superheroes, and Fantasy; mostly because these were the first worlds where she saw people like her. (Storm from X-men, Star Trek's Uhura and Geordi Lafordge, Star Wars Lando Calrissian, to name a few...) Stories where black characters weren’t a “type.” They were individuals who existed in a world with the same advantages and disadvantages as the others around them.

As a writer, her goal is to reimagine and challenge the principles we as a society tout, to see whether they hold up under different circumstances. She is committed to telling stories with diverse characters, compelling narratives, and enough drama to entertain even the most casual readers.

We dig into House of Rahilius and talk about weapons, parallels between slavery on Earth and other planets, love triangles, and hints of what's coming in the rest of the series!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

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