Sept. 19, 2021

The Middle Passage of Faith with Liela Fuller

The Middle Passage of Faith with Liela Fuller

Audra Russell speaks with author Liela Fuller. 

Liela Marie Fuller is an Author, Speaker, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. Liela is a transparent author – unashamed to put her life in print. In Life’s Reflection, her first poetry book, she invited us deep into her world, gripping us with passionate pieces like “Black Rose,” “Is Love What You Call It,” and “Addicted”. Liela’s transparency in the face of trials attracted the attention of many readers and has generated a strong following. In 2015, Liela released her second book, Love Letters of a Worshipper: Poetry, Prose and Prayers and once again Liela’s transparency was evident as she let readers in on one of the most intimate relationships in her life – her relationship with God. Liela wowed readers with beautiful ballads like “Resolute” and “God Can Have Everything I Have.” Through her transparency, Liela strives to share with and strengthen the resolve and hope of those who read her work. Liela’s latest book, The Journey of Faith, brings you deep into Liela’s faith journey and yes to God. It is a look into the middle of her faith walk. She shares deeply about the highs, lows, even her fears and doubts to provide a testimony of faith to others who might embark on their own faith journeys.

Liela is also a journal creator and has created multiple journals for prayer, intercession, and dreams including the bestselling prayer journal Don’t Stop knocking…Don’t Stop Believing. Liela is originally from Camden, NJ. She currently resides just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota with her son. She is the owner of Jadora’s Child Publishing and founder of The Superpower of Prayer ministry.

In this episode, we dig deep into her book, The Journey of Faith and talk about the "middle passage" of faith and how it's okay to feel all of the emotions we have -- good and bad -- in our faith walk. 

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