March 9, 2021

The Urban Griot with Tommy Gates

The Urban Griot with Tommy Gates

Audra Russell speaks with author and poet Tommy Gates. 

Tommy Gates, also known as The Realist Writer" is an author/poet from Savanah, Georgia who took his life story and experiences and made them vividly come to life all the while creating an undeniable storm to be reckoned with through social media by selling thousands of copies of his work around the globe. By daring to speak on topics and issues that most people stray away from The Realistic Writer captivated the hearts of readers through his raw delivery and straightforward approach which lead him to public speaking, mentoring, and currently on-stage poetry. In three years he self-published and promoted three books: Why I Don't Smile, Unhappily Ever After, and Free'Dem. The title "The Realist Writer" was adopted after followers and readers said without a doubt his work was the rarest, rawest, poetry they have ever heard.

We chat about topics Black men face like child alienation, toxic mothers, and more! So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and listen!

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