July 20, 2021

Transforming Habits with Carlos Patterson

Transforming Habits with Carlos Patterson

Audra Russell talks with author Carlos Patterson.

Carlos Patterson is a North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-raised author, father, endurance athlete, Health and Life Coach, mentor, prosperous entrepreneur, and Real Estate investor. He has earned degrees in Biology and Mathematics.

Carlos is a student and coach of self-improvement and professional development. He has worked extensively in the health coaching discipline making him a habit transformation specialist. He volunteers his time mentoring troubled inner-city youth. His relentless ambition has allowed him to also develop businesses in the aquatics, safety, and entertainment industries.

Carlos has traveled the world competing as an endurance athlete. He has completed 7 marathons, 8 obstacle races, 8 triathlons, and 1 ultra trail marathon.

In this episode, Carlos and I talk about the mechanics behind habit transformation and have some good laughs along the way!

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