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B.D. Hendrix was raised in a small town in Wilmington, Delaware. She is a devoted wife and mother, and is an around creative person who found her love for writing as a young child. After getting her associate’s degree in graphic design, bachelor’s degree in education, and master’s degree in psychology, she decided to take a step out on faith to start writing stories just like the books she’s always loved to read. Incorporating everything she learned through other’s lives, school, and through her own personal experiences, she became a self published author! With her writing, she strives to encourage, enlighten, and intrigue readers with her provoking stories and lovable (but sometimes crazy) characters. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, singing, eating, cooking, painting, and pretty much anything that involves being creative! Oh, and sleeping, because who doesn’t love sleep?

Heaven Can Wait with Author B.D. Hendrix
Nov. 15, 2022

Heaven Can Wait with Author B.D. Hendrix

B.D. Hendrix and I discuss her novel, Heaven Can Wait and the three women who need to figure out what they want from men and life before they push the men who love them away. Extramarital affairs, toxic attachment, and …

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