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J.B. Vample is an author who fell in love with the written word at a young age. While in her final year of high school, she came up with the concept of her new adult fiction series, The College Life. After years of writing only for herself, J.B. published her debut novel College Life 101: Freshman Orientation in 2015. Since then, she has written and published the other eight installments of TCLS. Her latest contemporary romance standalone, Right as Reign, is her tenth novel. Currently residing in Philadelphia, J.B. continues to write while managing her career as an indie author.

Right As Reign with Author J.B. Vample
April 26, 2022

Right As Reign with Author J.B. Vample

It's Tuesday! Jessyca and I hash it up about her tenth novel, Right As Reign. We talk about shade-throwing toxic "friends" we all have; bustas we've all regretfully dated, generational coping mechanisms, and the beauty of bei...

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