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Wisconsin-born, California-raised, Shea L. McGee (S.L. McGee) is a single mother, writer, and self-published author of the Makaela Williams series “Voices on the Air” and “Whispers of the Flesh”. Her latest short written piece “The House That Stood” is published in Abomination Media’s horror anthology “Hell Hour” published in October 2019. She has various short stories of horror and urban fantasy genres on Vocal, but has also contributed to lifestyle blogs “Style and Men”, “Dean Hall Style”, and contemporary news blog “The Commute” and “San Diego’s Voice and Viewpoint”. Her forthcoming third book in the urban fantasy fiction Makaela Williams series, “The Sorceress”, will be coming soon.

Voices on the Air with Shea McGee
Oct. 25, 2022

Voices on the Air with Shea McGee

It's Tuesday! Blacktober Reads continues with horror author Shea McGee. We talk about Voices on the Air, the first book in her Makaela Williams series. We get into vampire tropes, writing non-Black characters sex?...

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