July 20, 2020

Are You Ready for the Revolution with Chase Bolling

Are You Ready for the Revolution with Chase Bolling

Audra Russell chats with author Chase Bolling.

Chase Bolling is an indie author from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He's a soldier of the struggle, who has been about that life and is now patiently awaiting the revolution. To pass the time, he crafts rhymes, write books, studies military field manuals, Talhoffer, and other historical martial arts... while listening to rap music. Make of that, what you wish. Chase was raised with a deep connection to his African and Native American roots and involved in all sorts of activities, that may or may not have been frowned upon. 

He is the author of The Road of Resistance, an action-packed story of a woke ex-hoodlum, who organizes his community in revolution and rebuilding, fighting corrupt cops, and martial law, after a rogue government weapons project destroys all post-Iron-Age military technology, turning the government against its own people.

This sweeping tale of homies from the hood battling corrupt cops, martial law, and hate groups will have you turning pages all night long!

We discuss the Vanguard, sword fighting, and all things revolution. 

So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

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