June 7, 2022

By Her Own Design: Spilling the Historical Tea with Author & Professor Piper Huguley

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It's Tuesday! In this special episode of Between the Reads I get to share in the release-day celebration of By Her Own Design by author and professor Piper Huguley! Piper spills ALL the historical tea about Black fashion designer Ann Lowe, who designed Jackie Kennedy's wedding gown! Yup. You read that right.
To watch Ann Lowe's interview on the Mike Douglas show mentioned in our chat, click here:
To read Piper's interview on my blog and get even more behind-the-scenes info on this wonderful historical fiction novel, head over to
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Piper Huguley


Piper G. Huguley will make her historical fiction debut in June 2022 with By Her Own Design: a novel of Ann Lowe, Fashion Designer to the Social Register (William Morrow Publishing) who was the Black fashion designer of Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress. She is also the author of Sweet Tea by Hallmark Publishing and the author of two historical romance series: “Migrations of the Heart”, about the Great Migration and “Home to Milford College. She blogs about the history behind her novels at and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son.