March 29, 2022

So This is What We Doing with Author Janee' Thompson

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Author Janee' Thompson returns to talk about No Ordinary Vengeance, the second book in what I'll call the 'Beyond Ordinary' trilogy. If you heard the first interview, you know Janee' and I had lots of laughs as we virtually boxed about her book. This episode is no different! Check it out!

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Janee' ThompsonProfile Photo

Janee' Thompson


Author Janee’ Thompson writes realistic Young Adult and New Adult novels that capture the unique experiences of young Black men and women taking it day by day through their own personal struggles. While many popular novels for Black teens and new adults focus on racial tension and navigating racial oppression through a youthful perspective, Janee` intentionally creates masterpieces that de-sensationalizes racial trauma and focuses solely on characters’ individuality amid their Blackness. This is what makes Janee` a unique writer within these genres — experiences of anti-Black oppression rears its ugly head every day. We shouldn’t be subjected to read about it for entertainment. We are more than our oppression.

Janee`s why and passion for writing lies in building empathy and seeing her imaginative characters go through transformation and personal growth. Although her writing is strictly for entertainment for ages 15+, she does tackle serious issues such as friendship, bullying, sex and sexuality, mental health, homophobia, falling in love, and family dynamics within the Black culture in hopes that the reader will grow with the characters, too.

Janee` grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin and she is a K-8 educator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English, and a certificate in Creative Writing. She also has a Master’s degree in K-12 Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. She has won several career and community awards such as the Early Career Educator Award, City-County Humanitarian Award, International Literacy Association 30 under 30 recipient, and is a PEOPLE Program Scholar.

In her personal life, she has a handsome husband, and she loves shopping, singing, playing basketball, and of course, writing. She is a staunch advocate for children’s success, racial equity, and any and everything Black.