Feb. 22, 2022

Sizzle & Soul: Contemporary Fantasy with Whitney Hill

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Whitney Hill is making huge waves in the self-published world with her contemporary fantasy series, Shadows of Otherside. We talk about the history of the lore used in her book; the complex and magical characters she's created; the importance of Black characters in fantasy; and how she has published eleven books since hitting the scene only two years ago! 


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Whitney HillProfile Photo

Whitney Hill

Author / Publisher

Whitney Hill ( is the author of the Shadows of Otherside contemporary fantasy series and the Otherside Heat paranormal romance series. The first two books in the Shadows of Otherside series, Elemental and Eldritch Sparks are multiple award-winners.

Whitney is also an SFWA member and the founder of Benu Media (, an indie publishing imprint. When she’s not writing or consulting, Whitney enjoys hiking in North Carolina’s beautiful state parks and playing video games.

Join Whitney on Twitter and Instagram: @write_wherever.