May 22, 2023

Thrills, Lies, and Unexpected Demise: An Author Interview with Bianca Sloane

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Get ready for suspense and unexpected turns as I chat with thriller author Bianca Sloane about her novel, And When I Die. We're breaking it down and keeping it real as we dish all the drama about these mommas and their daughters, red herrings that had me side-eyeing errybody, plot twists and...reusing dental floss?? Come and laugh with us!
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Bianca SloaneProfile Photo

Bianca Sloane

Suspense Author

Bianca Sloane, named for 70s fashion icon, Bianca Jagger, has been writing since she could hold a pen. Some of her earliest literary efforts include Sweet Valley High fan fiction, short stories about snotty cheerleaders and ideas for movies and TV shows that may or may not have revolved around Erica Kane.

Sloane worked for a major book retailer before embarking on a career in public relations and advertising. However, like many aspiring authors, she harbored dreams of writing fiction and spent nights and weekends tapping out manuscripts for what would eventually become her first three novels.

Sloane’s foray into indie publishing came after reading an article the late movie critic, Roger Ebert, shared on Twitter about how Amanda Hocking took control of her writing career via the burgeoning eBook market. Inspired, Sloane dusted off the manuscripts that had been collecting dust on her computer and decided to take the plunge into indie-dom. She took a writing class with her “author crush,” bestselling author, Joy Fielding, committed Stephen King’s seminal memoir, On Writing, to memory and read all 1,420 pages of J.A. Konrath’s, The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.

In 2012, Sloane released her first novel of psychological suspense, Live and Let Die, (later renamed Killing Me Softly.) The book was chosen as “Thriller of the Month,” (May 2013) by and named a “2013 Top Read” by OOSA Online Book Club. Sloane’s follow-up, Sweet Little Lies, hit the Top 10 on Amazon’s Crime Bestsellers list. Her third novel, Every Breath You Take, was released on February 14, 2015 and has been a mainstay on Amazon’s Kidnapping Bestsellers list.

Her additional works include Missing You: A Companion Novella to Every Breath You Take, the duology Live To Tell and Tell Me a Lie, What You Don’t Know, and And When I Die.

Sloane’s writing influences include Mary Higgins Clark, Gillian Flynn and of course, Joy Fielding.

Sloane resides in Chicago. She likes old movies, pecan praline ice cream and popcorn. She does not like getting caught in the rain.