Feb. 25, 2022

Between the Reads Featured on Whitney Hill Writes Blog

Between the Reads Featured on Whitney Hill Writes Blog


This past Tuesday, I posted my latest episode featuring Whitney Hill and her series, Shadows of Otherside. Whitney is an amazing Black Indie author who is making huge waves in the Indie publishing industry. After only being published two years ago, she has won numerous awards and has over ELEVEN books published. Speaking with her was an inspiration.

What I didn't expect in return, was for her to feature my podcast on her blog. 

Between the Reads is deeply committed to amplifying the voices of Black Indie and traditionally published authors and I don't charge for any of the services I provide. It is truly done out of a desire to see Black authors win.

It can be lonely work and definitely comes with its own set of frustrations. So to be seen and acknowledged so beautifully in this article was really touching. 

I hope you'll not only watch the interview with Whitney Hill, but also read her blog post as well. She's definitely one to watch!