Sept. 27, 2022

Goodpods & International Podcast Day, oh my!

Hey there Boos and Bros! This Friday, September 30th, is International Podcast Day. What is that, you ask? Well, this Friday from 2 -3 PM EDT, just take a break and listen to a podcast -- any podcast! It's a way to make podcasts more visible and I'm here for it! I have a few podcasts in mind that I will be listening to. Will you participate? I'm hoping so because we Indie podcasters need your help building our audiences!

If you haven't caught up on all the great episodes Between the Reads has to offer, use International Podcast Day to listen to one or three.

Speaking of listening to podcasts, there are plenty of platforms where you can feast your ears on all the great shows out there. But have you heard of Goodpods? It's like Goodreads but for podcasts! It's really neat and you can leave comments on an episode right in the app, add podcasts to your listening queue, and more!

Did you know that Between the Reads has climbed the ranks to number 18 in the Top 100 Indie Book Podcasts! Yup! That's right! I'm so excited about that. You can click the badge below and go right to my podcast:

Listen On Goodpods

If you decide to help us celebrate International Podcast Day, use the hashtag #internationalpodcastday on IG and Twitter. You can post your own content and follow the hashtag to discover lots of great shows to feast your ears on!

Until next time, Boos and Bros!