Aug. 23, 2022

Two New Features for Between the Reads!!

Two New Features for Between the Reads!!

Tuesdays are busy days here at Between the Reads! It's when new episodes and blog posts featuring Black authors are published and now it is also when I will be going live on Instagram to do Black Author Blasts!

Black Author Blasts are IG lives that will happen every Tuesday at 7 PM on my Instagram page. Each week I will give you three to five Black authors whose books should be going on your radar. 

But that's not all that's new here! 

I will also be doing Five Minute Fridays featuring Black authors. Every Friday at 7 PM, I will be going live on Instagram and inviting Black authors to join me for five minutes to promote themselves and their books! 

The inaugural Five Minute Friday happened this past Saturday for Black Indie Author Day (which was created by Sistah Girls Book Club). It was a wonderful event with 25 people in the viewing audience and 12 Black Indie authors who joined me on the live!

But, Audra, you have a podcast, why create these events?

Well, first of all, why not? But also, I have quite a few ideas written down for the podcast, some of which I am saving for when I have my own studio. But these two events were created because I'm tired of always seeing the same books by Black authors trending on social media.

There are so many Black authors out here with wonderful books and they aren't getting the air time they deserve so I'm doing my part to bring awareness to the masses. Also, with bookstores like Barnes & Noble who are making choices that directly impact marginalized and debut authors,  creating content like this remains critical for Black authors.

So, if you don't follow me on Instagram, head on over there now, smash that follow button, and get ready to add some "melanin to your pages" as my good friend over at Written In Melanin says.