Aug. 4, 2020

Father to Son with Peter Dowdy

Father to Son with Peter Dowdy
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Audra Russell chats with author Peter Dowdy.

Thirty-three-year-old Peter Roshan Dowdy from Houston, Texas, has geared his life to be a prime example in his community as the ultimate entrepreneur, and at his age, he's just getting started. As an Architecture graduate from the well-known HBCU, The Prairie View A&M University, he's taken his journey to compile his life's interests into each of his business ventures. 

Since drawing designs such as cars, shoes, and houses at the age of 17, he's grown to be a visual artist with his own art company along with his wife Rita called Dope Art Dealers. During college, he became an entrepreneur with his first venture as a card game developer creating games such as Stereotypes! and BUL! 

Now after finishing school and planning ahead for the future, he's now added the title "author" to his catalog of power moves with his new book Dear Basquiat: A Letter To My Black Son. With his book, he gives one of the most intriguing, intelligent, hilarious, and heartwarming viewpoints of being a father for the first time in his own perspective as an intimate conversation with his newborn son named Basquiat. 

We keep it real as Peter shares his parenting style in this heartwarming love letter to his son

So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

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