May 31, 2022

Thrills, Murder & Suspense with Author Gracia Collins-Rich

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 It's Tuesday! Settle in wherever you are and get your ear hustle on as Gracia and I discuss her thriller, Handkerchief. She don't care 'bout killin' off these the characters, y'all! She did what she did. Get ready to laugh. That's all I can say 'bout dat.
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Gracia RichProfile Photo

Gracia Rich

7x Amazon Bestselling Author and Editor, Gracia Collins Rich is a writer, journalist and editor. She is a featured writer and contributing editor at Formidable Woman Magazine as well as a contributing writer for WOE (Women Own Excellence) Magazine and Creating Your Seat At The Table Magazine.
Gracia’s debut thriller, Handkerchief, reached #1 on Amazon’s Bestsellers list in September 2020. Her writing expertise began with poetry and evolved into short stories, devotionals and romance. She creates strong, relatable female characters with an edge and endings that are completely unexpected. Gracia is also a Co-Author of the Glambitous! Guide to Wining in 2020, as well as the 2018 Amazon Bestselling Anthology, Letters to Our Daughters and the 2020 Amazon Bestselling Anthology, The Price of Greatness.
Gracia has been featured in several media outlets including Creating Your Seat at The Table Magazine, MiZCEO Magazine, Formidable Woman Power 20 Magazine,,,, Glambitous! Magazine and Courageous Woman Magazine.
Gracia is from Rains, South Carolina, the mother of four wonderful children and a civil litigation and criminal defense paralegal by day.