Feb. 15, 2022

Immortal with Valjeanne Jeffers

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In this episode, author Valjeanne Jeffers and I chat about her afrofuturistic series, Immortal. We talk about the characters, the importance of the Afrofuturism genre, why all the good Black TV shows keep getting canceled and using science fiction to make a statement about the human condition. We also let folks know that Black people are here to stay!


Valjeanne JeffersProfile Photo

Valjeanne Jeffers


Valjeanne Jeffers is a speculative fiction writer, screenwriter, Spelman College graduate, and a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Carolina African America Writers’ Collective. She is the author of ten books, which include her Immortal, Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective, and The Switch series. Valjeanne has been published in numerous anthologies including: Steamfunk!;The Ringing Ear; Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler; Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures; Sycorax’s Daughters; Black Magic Women, The Bright Empire, and, most recently, All the Songs We Sing, Bledrotica Volume I; Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire; Obsidian Tales, and Sorghum and Spear: The Way of Silk and Stone (Subsume media/in press). She is also the screenwriter of the film adaptation of her novel, The Switch II: Clockwork.

More places to find Valjeanne Jeffers: (The Scierogenous Anthology) (audiobook of Immortal III)