April 4, 2023

Vivid: Jana Jones Talks About the Beautiful and the Bad of Baltimore

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In today's episode, I speak with author Jana Jones about her novel, Vivid. This unconventional coming-of-age story follows Sheri Calloway, a mother who seizes the chance to escape generational family trauma in pursuit of a new life in Baltimore. As she navigates the city's beauty and its hidden lead-poisoning crisis, Sheri finds herself battling against unethical medical researchers and indifferent politicians to protect her children.
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Jana JonesProfile Photo

Jana Jones


Inspired by a multitude of writers such as Mildred D. Taylor, James Baldwin and Bernice McFadden, Jana Jones has always found solace in a good story. In 2014, while living in Los Angeles, she created the Anansi Project, a creative writing program for youth and young adults. The finished product was a literary magazine called Anansi’s Web. In 2021, Jana released her debut novel, a multigenerational family story titled Vivid. In 2022, Jana released “What Happened to Alice?”, a Southern gothic fiction series that can be read on Kindle Vella.