April 12, 2022

The Melanin Chronicles with Author Janay Harden

In this episode, I speak with author and licensed clinical social worker, Janay Harden, about her debut novel Hey, Brown Girl. Janay writes stories that feature melanated characters navigating through life, love, and relationships and I am here for it! These are the stories I would have loved to see when I was a teen. 

We dig deep on teen peer pressure, generational trauma, and share some laughs along the way.
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Janay HardenProfile Photo

Janay Harden


Janay's passion for words began when she spent hours reading books from the library. Her love for words was homegrown, and for years she tended to her craft until she and it were ready for each other.

Janay attended Rutgers University where she received a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Mental Health Therapist. To date, she's held many titles but her favorites are mentor, mental health advocate, and melanin storyteller.

Janay is native to South Jersey where she resides with her daughter. Janay's interests include Astrology, spa days, and crabs. She is the author of Hey, Brown Girl, Forty-two Minutes, and Someone More Like Myself.

If you enjoy young adult stories about melanated characters navigating love, friendships, and family, please consider sticking around while she makes sense of the world through her collection of words.