March 20, 2023

Lies On Bristol Lake with Jean Nicole Rivers

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Hold onto your hats, folks! In this episode of our podcast, I sit down with the incredibly talented author Jean Nicole Rivers to talk about her latest novel, Lies On Bristol Lake.

This gripping novel follows Dahlia Dixon, a woman who has been battling with PTSD since a near-death experience in college. After marrying her wealthy boss, Dahlia is taken to his isolated home on Bristol Lake, where his first wife drowned only months before. And that's where everything starts to fall apart. Tune in as we talk about these messy characters, the complexities of sisterhood, and unexpected plot twists!

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Jean Nicole RiversProfile Photo

Jean Nicole Rivers


Jean Nicole is a National Black Book Festival award-winner and author of three psychological horror novels, Black Water Tales: To the Moon and Back, Black Water Tales: The Unwanted and Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers and a domestic thriller, Lies on Bristol Lake.

She writes because she loves words, she writes because she loves stories, she writes because she has a story to tell.