May 10, 2022

Building Strong Children with Author Kiara Gaton

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Frederick Douglass once said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Author Kiara Gaton understands the assignment! We talk about her beautiful children's book, Loving Me ABCs, and she shares the importance of giving Black and brown children a strong foundation so they have the power to be who THEY want to be and not who the world says they are.
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Kiara GatonProfile Photo

Kiara Gaton

Author & Entrepreneur

Kiara Gaton’s brand, Love Anise, is inspired by two-year-old Nova Janae. Love Anise was created to empower and educate children and encourage literacy amongst the African American community. Love Anise’s sole purpose is to provide our children with educational resources, tools, and merchandise that look just like them. Our goal is to ensure our children see, read, and experience characters that represent themselves. We believe representation matters and the exposure needs to begin at birth.