May 17, 2022

Mo Bettah Romance with Author Mo Flames

Happy Tuesday! I'm bringing you unashamed and unapologetic steamy romance with plot twists, drama, AND murder! Lend me your ears as author Mo Flames and I have too good of a time talking about her book, One Ain't Enough!
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Mo Flames Profile Photo

Mo Flames


Mo Flames is a talented and passionate writer well-versed in creating dialogue, action and developing characters with full lives. Her energy shines through her work as she weaves realistic love stories with drama and intensity to keep her readers entertained. Her dedication to her craft while balancing family life is a testament to what can be accomplished when you love what you do.

She is constantly pushing her characters to higher levels even when you think she can’t possibly go any deeper. Her erotic scenes will have you squirming in your seat as her imagination is limitless. Follow Mo Flames on all social media so that you don’t miss any hot upcoming releases.