July 3, 2020

Read It Black to Me

Read It Black to Me

Audra Russell chats with author, publisher, and fellow podcaster Chelsea Lockhart of Written in Melanin Publishing. 

 Chelsea is a twenty-something writer of romance who dibbles and dabbles in fantasy and dystopian – the genre can change as long as she is exploring relationships and what it means to have a connection with other people. She has been writing since she was 14 and it’s what she loves to do.

Keeping Promises is the first book of many she plans to write. Aside from being a writer, Chelsea is the owner of Written in Melanin Publishing – a company she created to help bring awareness to black authors and to provide a path to getting their books published.

She is the host of the Melanin Chat on the Written in Melanin YouTube channel, where she discusses things as they pertain to books and writing, and interviewing authors. Chelsea also facilitates a private community where writers can network and connect with other authors to grow the writing craft together.

She has strong addictions to coffee, laughter, and words in every form – books, music, podcasts, subtitles on anime – it doesn’t matter! She twilights as Mrs. Otaku on the I’d Rather Anime Podcast, a podcast that she hosts with her husband, where they rant about anime that they watch just because they enjoy being nerds together. They have been married five years and live in Dallas, Texas with their dog, Alphonse Elric.

Chelsea and I talk about what it means to be a black author in the writing industry, the challenges we face, and the rising trend of self-publishing among black authors. We also give LOTS of books written by black authors from various genres to add to your TBR list!

So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy!

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Chelsea Lockhart


C. M. Lockhart (also known as Chelsea) is a Black writer of fantasy because she loves creating worlds, exploring relationships, and writing stories about Black girls who aren't all that nice. She is the founder of Written in Melanin LLC — which encompasses the Melanin Chat, a weekly podcast, and a YouTube channel of the same name — and the Melanin Library, an online database of books written by Black authors.

She is also a lover of video games and anime, so whenever she isn't reading and writing — or talking about reading and writing — she's watching anime, playing her Switch, and dreaming about the day her books get animated.