Aug. 18, 2020

Ready for The Weekend with D.A. Bourne

Ready for The Weekend with D.A. Bourne

Audra Russell chats with Christian fiction author D.A. Bourne. 

D.A. Bourne is the author of THE PHAT FIVE series, an urban Christian tale of five friends who go through personal drama during a spiritual journey. Originally, the first two books (That Crazy Weekend, Part 1 and 2) were written as one book called Crazy Drama in 2007. He then followed up with a standalone novel called Unshaken in 2013. 

It was during the period from 2008-2018 when D.A didn't know how to move forward as a writer. D.A knew that he called by God to be an author and his passion for writing was evident, but he needed knowledge on book marketing. So after studying many podcasts and connecting with other indie authors, D.A started his comeback in late 2019 and has been nonstop with his writing and publishing ever since.

We get between the pages of That Crazy Weekend, Part I, and talk about his characters and their struggles with daily life. We also talk about being a Christian fiction author and some of the challenges it presents.

So go ahead and grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

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