July 7, 2020

Reciprocal with N.D. Brennan

Reciprocal with N.D. Brennan

Audra Russell chats with author and entrepreneur N.D. Brennan.

In 1998, a successful young entrepreneur, technology innovator, and writer, N.D. Brennan, attempted to purchase a Mercedes Benz from a local dealership in Atlanta, Georgia. It was after he had been credit approved, that this young radical, cornrowed professional African American man was suddenly approached by the owner of the dealership. Mr. Brennan had purposely deviated from his traditional corporate appearance of a low-cropped haircut to a well-groomed braided hairstyle. His reasoning: "I was tired of watching white people assume that every black man with gold teeth, dreadlocks, or braided hair was a gangster or thug and ignorant."

That day lead to a pivotal question raised in his consciousness: "I wonder what America would be like if white people had been slaves; or if our history was theirs?"

In this episode, N.D. and I chat about his debut novel, Reciprocal, where he created this world he wondered about -- and the complex emotions it evokes.

So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy!

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