Feb. 10, 2020

Tellin' the Truth: Book talk with author Daines Reed

Tellin' the Truth: Book talk with author Daines Reed

Audra Russell chats with author Daines Reed, creator of the Trust series novels.

Author Daines L. Reed, a wildly optimistic lover of words, resides in a small town just outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband, daughters, and pair of miniature Schnauzers. She is an avid reader, lifelong learner, and emerging storyteller.

By trade, Daines L. Reed is a registered dental hygienist. By birth, she is a writer, an observer of people, and a lover of words. She cannot live without books and cannot go a single day without asking, “What if?

In this episode we chat about all things Trust, from the inspiration behind the series to how she created her unforgettable characters. Daines also shares her decision to self-publish and offers some inspirational words for those aspiring writers out there who want to follow the same path.

So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

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