May 15, 2023

Supernatural Swag: Black Vampires, Witches, and Wolves... OH MY!

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Get ready, y'all! In the latest episode of Between the Reads, we're diving into the supernatural realm with Black vampires, witches, wolves, and more. These ain't your ordinary vampires, witches, or wolves, honey. It's all about representation as I chat with D.M. Lewry about her debut novel, The Eos Key. Tune in, subscribe, and embrace all this supernatural swag!
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D.M. LewryProfile Photo

D.M. Lewry

Author / Mother / Creator Of Worlds

*** Feel free to use the first paragraph, or as much as you like. ***

D.M. Lewry was born in the city of Ajax, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada. She studied for an Honours BFA in Film Production Management at York University in Toronto and, upon completion of her course, moved to nearby Pickering. She still lives there today, with her husband, their son and two very spoiled cats.

Following her graduation, she took up a sales position at Cineplex Entertainment. She then spent the next 11 years in the promotional merchandise industry, where she currently directs the Canadian Production team.

Today, she owns a small custom jewellery business, DD6ix, however it is writing that has been her true passion ever since her teen years on WattPad and Inkitt. Now, she has completed her debut novel, The Eos Key, a supernatural fantasy in which the African American heroine, who suffers from a harrowing past, battles her inner daemons and discovers that the supernatural world exists.

In her free time D.M. Lewry enjoys listening to audiobooks, learning a new language, singing, making jewellery and binging anything on TV that incorporates her love of supernatural worlds and creatures. She enjoys spending time with her two best friends; the same friends she has had for the past 20 years.

Having suffered with anxiety and depression, D.M. Lewry is keen on recognizing and supporting others who also battle mental health issues. Her book, The Eos Key, touches on these subjects, and she hopes that it and its central characters will help to make the stigma around mental health a thing of the past.

D.M. Lewry is has completed Book 1 in the Wynter Blood Series, and is currently drafting Book 2.