May 2, 2023

Sinister Secrets & Eerie Escapades: Unearthing The Spite House with Johnny Compton

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🎧👻 Boo! Get ready for chills & chuckles as we unravel the spooky secrets of #TheSpiteHouse with author Johnny Compton! Join our ghoulishly delightful chat about haunted Masson House, mysterious pasts, & the living facing their own ghosts, while the undead just won't move on. 🏚️📚😱😂
Learn more about Johnny and his debut novel, The Spite House at

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Johnny ComptonProfile Photo

Johnny Compton


Johnny Compton is a San Antonio-based author whose short stories have appeared in several publications since 2006, including Pseudopod, Strange Horizons and The No Sleep Podcast. His fascination with frightening fiction started when his kindergarten teacher played a record of the classic ghost story “The Golden Arm” for her class. The Spite House is his debut novel through Tor Nightfire.