Feb. 16, 2021

The View with Author Untamed

The View with Author Untamed
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Audra Russell chats with author Untamed.

Author and poet, Untamed brings about enlightenment and amusement through real-life, everyday stories with resonating characters. This Cum Laude graduate of UMUC attributes her passion for the literary arts to her magnet school educational background. Her unique style of writing landed her awards such as Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and UBAWA’s Top 100 Authors 2018. Her creative talents afforded opportunities with SWAG Magazine, Boss Magnet Media, and two book publishing deals with Urban Books. She’s an expert movie quoter with a hankering for the 90s. Untamed resides in Georgia and relishes family time with her husband and children. She continues to push the creative envelope delivering content that is unapologetically real and undeniably untamed. 

We chat about her steamy novel, The View, and all of its juicy and mouth-dropping plot twists, and she drops some valuable writing gems for all our aspiring writers out there!

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