Dec. 5, 2022

Baltimore's Best: Tia Hamilton, Entrepreneur & Owner, Urban Reads Bookstore

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Supporting Black-owned bookstores is important. Today I'm speaking with Tia Hamilton, owner of Urban Reads bookstore in Baltimore. But she's so much more than just a bookstore owner. Give this episode a listen to see how she's making real change in her community. 
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Tia HamiltonProfile Photo

Tia Hamilton


Mother, Entrepreneur, CEO, Producer, Journalist, Publisher, Prison/Youth/Community Advocate, Motivational Speaker; the list is endless. Focused and ambition-driven, Tia Hamilton has more than a plan, but a MISSION. What started as a sports-centered Facebook page in 2012 (Un-Kut Sports Talk) has evolved into a multimedia juggernaut pushing the boundaries while creating opportunity and awareness. The sports page morphed into an online radio station ( specializing in sports, music, and upcoming artist-driven platforms that garnered first national, then international appeal with over a quarter of a quarter-million listeners and five Station of The Year nominations. Her next foray into the business world would be widely celebrated and heralded State Vs Us Magazine, founded in 2017, nominated as Magazine of the year, and Middle River, a county in Baltimore, named SVU 2019 Publisher of the Year. It is a unique and much-needed voice, speaking for the often-forgotten and maligned incarcerated individuals and their loved ones.