March 8, 2022

Science Fantasy & Saga with Tracie Angela Greene

In this episode, Tracie Angela Greene tells us about her science fantasy book, Enisi: The Bleu Realm. Bountiful is the Bleu's family home and the land has been in the family for generations. But it isn't just ordinary land! Only greensouls and gifted greensouls are welcome. Enisi, the living tree who is centuries old, makes sure of that!

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Tracie Angela GreeneProfile Photo

Tracie Angela Greene


At age six Tracie's first book was published for the school library—a paranormal thriller, The Halloween Witch (lol). During her teen years she was editor for her high school yearbook. During her college years while earning her BFA at Pratt Institute in New York, Tracie wrote for a couple of beauty magazines and interned at Essence. After graduating, she became associate editor for Black Elegance aka BE, and there, several of her articles were published. Fast forward back home in Atlanta and 20+ years later, Tracie started formulating ideas for the novel she yearned to read. A new job with an ideal work schedule allowed her time to let her imagination flow and complete her debut novel, Enisi, The Bleu Realm.