July 27, 2020

Walk the Line with Tiffany Richardson

Walk the Line with Tiffany Richardson

Audra Russell chats with author and poet Tiffany Richardson.

Tiffany Richardson is author of “The Colored Line” & “Whispers of Africa”. She is co-founder of Big Black Chapters, a forum dedicated to showcasing the literary contributions of Black writers, especially indie authors of color. Tiffany has been published in Publisher’s Weekly and is a poet, a mother, a fan of Shakespeare, tragic love stories, cheesy love stories, Michael B. Jordan, and wine.

 Join Audra as she chats with Tiffany about her the world she created in her debut novel, The Colored Line. And Tiffany even treats us to a little bit of her vocal stylings! Ther girl has some PIPES!

So go ahead and grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

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